Oprah 2021 | WW Australia

Setting the stage for a healthier future

Over the past year, millions of people joined Oprah and WW for virtual experiences designed to help you focus and be well. We loved them so much, Oprah said, “Let’s keep going.”

“Ritual is important for stabilizing change in your life. WW and I both know how important it is to have regular support and to have other people who believe as you do, inspire you, and help you make changes. These events are our gathering place.”

In her latest virtual experience which aired on Sunday 9 May, Oprah had an intimate interview with Drew Barrymore and shared advice for moving forward in a post-pandemic world from therapist/podcast host Dr. Anita Phillips.

Before you watch the recording below, make sure you download the Workbook for the three exercises during the show.

"Now, it's more important than ever to be and stay well and strong. Together, let's reset, refocus and find clarity in what matters most."

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