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How do I switch my tracking technique to Filling & Healthy?

If you don't want to track all your food, you can switch modes in My Day to follow Filling & Healthy. This option is in Settings (the icon in the upper right corner of the My Day dashboard). With Filling & Healthy, you'll only track foods not on the Filling & Healthy list. When you eat off the list, you'll track it using your weekly SmartPoints™ values. 

Why was my sign-up fee not waived?

If you are a returning Weight Watchers Online Coaching subscriber and you reactivate your subscription within six months of your cancellation date you will not be charged a sign-up fee. If you are being prompted to pay a sign-up fee you are no longer within six months of your cancellation date or your last plan was not Online Coaching. If you decide to reactivate your Online Coaching subscription you are required to pay the sign-up fee.

If you feel that you are still within the time frame for eligibility, please call our Customer Care Centre and we'll help you out. 

How do I reactivate my subscription?

The only way to reactivate your subscription is to sign up again. This time, your username/password can be used within the Sign Up flow. Once you've selected a product and concluded Sign Up, just click "Take me back to login.

Logging in with Facebook
How do I log into my Weight Watchers account?

To log into your account click Log In button in the top right corner of the page.