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Photo of Portuguese Chicken Burgers by WW

Portuguese Chicken Burgers


Meal Items

Cherry tomatoes

40 g

Green shallot(s)

¼ individual

fresh flat-leaf parsley

½ tbs

lemon juice

1 tsp

olive oil

½ tsp

ground paprika

½ tsp

dried chilli flakes


skinless chicken breast

100 g

wholemeal bread roll

50 g

low-fat mayonnaise

1 tsp

Baby spinach

½ cup(s)


Combine cherry tomatoes, shallot and parsley. Combine lemon juice and olive oil, paprika and a pinch of chilli flakes. Heat a frying pan. Brush chicken with paprika mixture and cook until cooked through. Spread roll (toasted) with mayonnaise. Top roll with spinach, chicken and tomato salsa. Serve with a leafy green salad.