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How to use My Day, your weight loss tracker

Learn how to make the most of your tracking dashboard.

How do I track?

It's super simple! To start tracking, click on the My Day tab. This is your Program dashboard. 

In the Search box, you can search for foods, recipes, meals or activities. To Track, click on the item and select your serving size, duration and time of day. The SmartPoints® or FitPoints ® will be calculated for you and added or deducted from your personal budget.

How do I filter my search?Under the Track box type in your keyword. For example; if you are looking for a specific recipe, enter chicken, select recipe and then click on the available filters as circled below such as Dinner, Snacks, Drinks, etc. Once you find a recipe or meal that takes your fancy, click on it to open the page. You can view the full details and add it straight to your tracker, and click the star to make it a Favourite for next time.

How do I set up my Favourites?

​Flagging foods, recipe, meals and activities as 'Favourites' makes tracking simple and fast. To add an item to your Favourites list, search for the item under the track bar and once you've opened it, tap the star icon. You can edit the portion sizes and other information by selecting Favourites from your My Day dashboard as circled below.

How to I update my settings?If you want to update your weekly FitPoints goal,  goal weight, swapping settings, tracking settings or connect your tracking devices, click on your circled initials at the top right hand side of My Day and click on Settings. You can also leave us feedback, read our help section and log out.

How do I calculate SmartPoints?

Go to My Day > Create > Calculator.  Enter the required nutrients (kilojoules, saturated fat, sugar and protein). These numbers can be found on the nutritional information label of most packaged foods. If you don't know the fibre component, enter 0. Add the serving size (or your best guess) and name the food. Select Create and Track. Also check out thr barcode scanner on the Weight Watchers app!

How do I create recipes and meals?

Go to My Day > Create >  Select Recipe or Meal. You can create a new recipe or meal, as well as edit existing Weight Watchers recipes to personalise them to your taste. Once you've added your details such as cooking time, prep time, instructions and ingredients it will calculate the SmartPoints values per serve. Make it a favourite to easily track it for next time.

Quick tips

How to I find Activities?Go to My Day and start typing an activity into the track bar. Select the item such as yoga, then enter the duration, intensity, date and time. Then select Track Activity. Or click on the plus symbol in My Day, then activities, here you can find our most popular activities, all activities and create a custom activity.

How do I track my weight?

Go to My Day > Weight. You can view your tracked weights, enter your weight and view your earned milestones. To change your goal weight, click on your initials, then Settings > Weight.

Help! I can't find what I'm searching for.

We are continually adding foods and recipes to our database. If you are looking for a recipe from a magazine or cookbook, enter in the same published name and it will show. If it's a food or activity not yet added to our database, you can use the Calculator or Quick Add.

Common questions:

How do I swap FitPoints for SmartPoints?

We find that most members don’t want or need to swap FitPoints for food, but if you find that you need to because you are doing a lot of high-intensity exercise, you can swap them by  going to Settings > Food > and choose how you want to swap.

How do I change my weight settings?

To edit your starting weight and goal weight, go to Settings > Weight.

Is there still a Filling & Healthy technique?

Yes, our No Count option encourages you to eat foods from the Filling & Healthy foods list. To switch to the No Count technique, got to Settings > Food > and select No Count and press update. If you are following the No Count technique, you weekly SmartPoints will be displayed in My Day. 

How do I connect or disconnect my devices?

You can connect or disconnect go to Settings > and follow the prompts.

Got questions? Need help?
Don't be shy! We're here for you. Get support and help from our team of Online Coaches 7 days a week. If you have a question about the Program or need some technical advice, open a chat session under My Day between 8am to 8pm (AEST).