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'My Day' dashboard

Learn how to use your program dashboard. Keep track of your allowance, find new recipes and build you own.

Top dashboard

Along the top of your 'My Day' dashboard, you'll see how many SmartPoints you have left as well as how many daily and weeklies you have remaining. Find recipe ideas for the time of day by clicking on the white collection buttons or 'More Ideas'.


Food dashboard 

'Food' displays everything you've tracked for that day, grouped by meal time. Click on a food item you've tracked to edit or delete, or track more foods by clicking '+ Track'.


Activity dashboard

Track your activity to view your total steps and earned FitPoints. We'll let you know how close you are to reaching your daily and weekly FitPoints goals. Every little bit of movement counts!


Weight dashboard

The 'Weight' bar is where you'll enter your weight each week. View your weight-loss progress over 1 month, 3 months, etc and view your milestone badges such as your first 5kg.

Search and track bar

The 'Track bar' is where you search, select and track foods and activities. Start typing in a keyword and we'll help you find what you're looking for.

'Favourites' shows the items you flag as your favourites (helpful for the foods you often eat or the recipes you love).

'Created' is a quick link to your custom built foods, recipes and meals. Have fun getting creative with your cooking!

Daily food log

Your Journey progress