Individual rhubarb creme brulees on pink cloth
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Rhubarb recipes

Rhubarb is actually a vegetable which means it counts towards one of your five a day. It's in season all year round.

Top tips for buying and preparing rhubarb


Our expert nutrition tips for buying and storing, plus get our favourite rhubarb recipes below.

When buying rhubarb choose rhubarb with long, brightly coloured firm red stalks.
 Rhubarb is a source of fibre and vitamin C.
• Kept in the food crisper section of your fridge for 3 to 5 days. 
• Remove and discard the leaves (as they are poisonous). Wash the stalks, trim any white roots and chop the red stalk into desired length before cooking.
• Rhubarb isn’t usually eaten raw – it’s best when stewed, poached or baked.
Rhubarb pairs well with flavours like; vanilla, ginger and orange.

In season during: Summer, autumn, winter and spring.