“I feel lighter, fitter and healthier than ever”

This year, Gary’s weight was the lowest it’s
ever been at the end of any Masterchef season!
Tired of being overweight and feeling sluggish, Gary joined WW to manage his weight and gain more energy. He now takes a conscious approach to eating better both on and off set, making time for regular exercise, and fostering a positive mindset.

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WW works for Gary because...
Freedom & Flexibility

“As a chef, I’m entirely driven by flavour. WW gives me the flexibility to enjoy my favourite foods while focusing on my health goals, so I never feel like I’m missing out.”

WW App

“The WW app makes meal planning simple. I can browse over 5,000 WW recipes for inspiration, or build my own recipes and the app will work out the SmartPoints for me.”

200+ ZeroPoint foods

“Foods like eggs, skinless chicken plus most fruit and veggies are ZeroPoint foods, so I don’t have to track or weigh them. Most importantly it means I never go hungry.”