Your 7-day dinner plan: Cosy winter bowls

Warm up with our favorite winter bowls, one for every day this week.

Meal planning can be a big help on your WW journey. It minimises “wish I hadn’t eaten that” moments that tend to occur from making decisions on the fly. Planning meals in advance also makes it easier to incorporate the foods you love into your budget. No matter how much time you have to plan and prep, start small and plan just one meal for an upcoming night this week. Slowly increase this in the coming weeks and you’re on your way to it becoming a habit!

When the temperature drops, there’s really nothing better than wrapping your hands around a cosy bowl of tasty, warm food. That's why this week we have gathered 7 of our favourite cosy winter bowls. Cooking for one? Try our easy chicken and tortellini soup. You can shortcut the prep for this single serving of soup by using any mix of frozen vegetables you have on hand. There’s no need to defrost them, simply add with the chicken.