Weight Watchers Sour Cream

Weight Watchers Sour Cream Recipes

Sour cream isn't just a side for wedges or nachos. Its creamy and tangy texture makes it versatile for both savoury and sweet dishes.

WW Sour Cream

WW Sour Cream has 70 per cent less fat than regular sour cream and only 1 SmartPoints® per tablespoon serve, while other full-fat varieties can be up to 4 SmartPoints per tablespoon. It has the creamy, tangy flavour you want in your recipes.


Three tasty ways to use sour cream
• A spoonful of WW Sour Cream makes a great soup topper or garnish for a casserole, adding a creamy tart flavour.
• Swap full cream varieties for WW Sour Cream in a frittata. You can also swap full-fat mayonnaise for sour cream in pasta and potato salads.
• WW Sour cream is the perfect base for dairy desserts. Swap ingredients like full fat cream and cream cheese for sour cream to add a tangy flavour while still keeping a creamy textured taste.