Healthy schnitzel recipes

Schnitzel recipes

Schnitzel doesn't always have to be store-bought. Try using quinoa, polenta, panko or homemade breadcrumbs made from high-fibre sliced bread .

Healthier chicken schnitzel tips

Check out our expert schnitzel tricks that will help make your SmartPoints®allowance go further.

  • If dining out, ask for extra salad or vegetables on the side instead of chips
  • Ask for your topping on the side (choose gravy or tomato based sauces over white/cream based sauces)
  • Steer clear of toppings that will increase the SmartPoints value such as ham and cheese
  • Ask if the chef can oven-bake your schnitzel instead of deep frying
  • Half your schnitzel and share with someone on your table or take the other half home 
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up. Chefs are usually happy to accommodate your dietary requirements