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Gluten free recipes

We’ve developed our own fantastic, gluten-free recipes that are big on both taste and nutrition.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in certain cereal grains including wheat, rye, barley, triticale and oats, but it also sneaks into many foods, additives and ingredients made from these grains, even beer made from barley!  You may also see the words “may contain gluten” or “may contain traces of gluten” and these should be treated as if they contain gluten. However, if a supermarket product is labelled “gluten free” or has the crossed grain Coeliac Australia logo you can be confident it is gluten free, as it has been tested in a laboratory.


Can I eat gluten free on Weight Watchers?

One of the great things about the Weight Watchers Program is that it can be adapted to meet your needs. To make things even easier for our gluten free members, we’ve developed our own fantastic, gluten-free recipes and meals that are big on both taste and nutrition. Under our MY day tracker, you can filter recipes and meals by selecting the 'Gluten free' tag.


Should I cut gluten from my diet?

It's important to see a health professional for a proper diagnosis before cutting gluten from your diet. It’s become popular to adopt a gluten free diet because of a belief that will help trim the waistline.  But there’s no clear evidence that going gluten free will give you an independent weight-loss advantage. Proper diagnosis such as coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity is really important, along with expert care by a health professional.