3 ZeroPoint foods to fill you up on myWW+ Purple

ZeroPoint foods fill you up without having to count the SmartPoints. We've got surprising ways to use quinoa, sweet potato and oats on the Purple plan.

ZeroPoint foods add flexibility

What are ZeroPoint foods? ZeroPoint foods are exactly what they sound like—foods that have ZERO SmartPoints value. Why? These nutritional powerhouses form the basis of a healthy eating pattern. You can eat ZeroPoint foods without measuring or tracking and still lose weight. (They are much less likely to be overeaten than other foods.) Each food colour plan has a different ZeroPoint foods list - Purple has 300+ foods. Here are just 3 you can enjoy and some fun recipes to try them in.

ZeroPoint food: Quinoa

Quinoa is a ZeroPoint food on the Purple food plan.Quinoa

  • Use it as a bowl base. Layer quinoa in vegetarian bowls. You can treat it like a grain (it's really a seed), and it adds extra protein.
  • Amp up your porridge. Put cooked quinoa in a bowl with low-free milk and a little sugar. Microwave for a quick and satisfying hot breakfast.
  • Put it in your paella. Quinoa makes a great stand-in for rice in paella.

DID YOU KNOW? Quinoa contains a coating called saponin, which can make it taste soapy and bitter. Be sure to rinse it before you cook it, or buy pre-rinsed quinoa at your supermarket.

ZeroPoint food: Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a ZeroPoint food on the Purple food plan.Sweet potato

Pro tip: Thinly sliced sweet potato makes a great snack when roasted in the oven.

  • Turn it into toast. Toasted sweet potato slices make a nutrient-rich replacement for bread.
  • Add it to soup. Sweet potato puree makes soups thick and rich, with almost no dairy. It also adds an antioxidant boost!
  • Make a better batter. Stir cooked, mashed sweet potatoes into quick-bread batter to cut back on sugar and oil.
  • Replace the fat. Thinly slice sweet potato and roast in the oven for a delicious, crunchy snack.
  • Stuff them with your favourite veg. For a hearty ZeroPoint meal stuff sweet potatoes with your favourite vegetables and top with cheese.

DID YOU KNOW? Not all sweet potatoes are the same. Japanese sweet potatoes have a thin, smooth skin, a milder flavour, and creamy yellow flesh.

ZeroPoint foods: Oats

Oats are a ZeroPoint food on the Purple food plan.


  • Rise and shine. Wake up to a nourishing breakfast by soaking your oats overnight and topping with juicy mango in the morning.
  • Satisfying snack. Add a dose of fibre to your homemade bliss balls by adding finely chopped oats to the mixture.
  • A new twist on muffins. Warm up with a nourishing oat and cinnamon mug muffin.

DID YOU KNOW? Oats are one of the few foods that contain a unique group of antioxidants called avenanthramides, which help to lower blood pressure and inflammation.