Citrus fruit on light blue wooden board

Citrus fruit recipes

Different varieties of citrus fruits are available all year round and are bursting with nutrients - so start cooking with them today.

Types of citrus fruits in season


Ruby grapefruit

Known for its red interior, the juice of the ruby grapefruit is mostly sweet, with just a hint of tartness. Grapefruit is in season through winter and spring. Choose a fruit that feels heavy for its size; it may have red blush markings on its skin.

Valencia orange

More commonly available in early spring, valencias have a smooth, thin skin, pale flesh and a sharp flavour. Perfect for juicing.

Navel orange

These oranges are available in winter and spring. They are juicy and sweet, usually seedless and easy to peel. 

Imperial mandar​ins

The first mandarins to be harvested each year, imperials contain very few seeds. Other varieties include the nova with its ‘pebbly’ appearance and dark orange skin or the sumo with its characteristic top-knot, usually available from mid-July.

In season during: Summer, autumn, winter and spring.