3 ZeroPoint foods to fill you up on myWW+ Green

ZeroPoint foods fill you up without having to count the SmartPoints. We've got surprising ways to use quinoa, sweet potato and oats on the Purple plan.

ZeroPoint foods add flexibility

What are ZeroPoint foods? ZeroPoint foods are exactly what they sound like—foods that have ZERO SmartPoints value. Why? These nutritional powerhouses form the basis of a healthy eating pattern. You can eat ZeroPoint foods without measuring or tracking and still lose weight. (They are much less likely to be overeaten than other foods.) Each food colour plan has a different ZeroPoint foods list - Green has 100+ foods. Here are just 3 you can enjoy and some fun recipes to try them in.

ZeroPoint food: Banana

Banana is a ZeroPoint food on the Green, Blue and Purple food plan.


  • Bite-size muffins. Bake up some bite-size banana, coconut and raspberry muffins.
  • Whip it. Frozen bananas and coconut water can be blended together with a food processor to create a healthy ice cream. Pair with mango for a refreshing flavour.
  • Bake them. Give the classic banana bread a savoury twist by adding zucchini and sour cream.

DID YOU KNOW? Bananas are available year round, as unlike other fruits, bananas continue to ripen at the same pace after they are picked.

ZeroPoint food: Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a ZeroPoint food on the Green, Blue and Purple food plan.


  • Blend it. Create a lower SmartPoints fried rice by swapping rice for cauliflower. Use a food processor to create rice-sized pieces of cauliflower.
  • Grate it. To cut down on prep time, look for bagged cauliflower rice in the fresh produce section.
  • Grill it. Slice a whole head of cauliflower into 2cm slabs. Season and grill like a steak, flipping once.
  • Mash it. Puree boiled cauliflower florets into mashed potatoes for extra creaminess. (Use half cauliflower and half potatoes.)

DID YOU KNOW? Pureed cauliflower or butternut pumpkin makes a great base for sauces that are low in SmartPoints.

ZeroPoint foods: Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a ZeroPoint food on the Green, Blue and Purple food plan.


Pro tip: Grated pumpkin adds a sweet garnish to cakes, salads and pastas, especially when combined with some cinnamon.

  • Build a better dip. Create a quick and easy fibre-packed dip by blending together pumpkin and yoghurt.
  • Fill up with falafels. Add pumpkin to falafels for a boost of antioxidants and Vitamin A.
  • Add it to ice cream. Swap jazzed-up mashed pumpkin for ice cream in parfaits.
  • Boost your sauces. Canned pumpkin adds extra creaminess to sauces in pasta recipes.

DID YOU KNOW? Every single part of a pumpkin is edible. Yep, you can eat the skin, leaves, flowers, pulp, seeds, and even the stem!