10 things you wish you knew last Christmas

10 Things you wish you knew last Christmas

Try some of these ideas to making this Christmas a happy and healthy one.

Ideas to have a healthier Christmas


1. Go with the holiday flow

Manage your expectations and set realistic goals. If you’re on a weight-loss journey, aim to maintain during December then get going again in January.

2. Be a healthy snack host

Stock up on fresh seafood, homemade rice paper rolls, summer fruit, low-fat tzatziki and vegetable sticks.

3. Pep up with protein

Add a hard-boiled egg, tinned tuna, a few roasted nuts or some skinless chicken to your salad for maximum appetite satisfaction and weight-loss success.

4. Switch your usual snacks

Set yourself a challenge to only snack on fresh fruit and vegetables for the whole month of December. Sticking to one simple goal like this can add up to significant kilojoule savings.

5. Drink wisely

Opt for the increasing range of lower kilojoule bubbly, beer and wine brands. Remember that low-carb beers do not automatically equal lower kilojoules and light beers, which contain less alcohol, are often the better choice.

6. Ask for food support

Buddy up with another WW member or a family member who seems to have Christmas under control. Ask them about their strategies, call them on a daily basis to compare meal plans or Trackers or to swap recipe and food ideas.

7. Splurge differently

Ask your friends and family for support with your weight-loss efforts and enforce a no-treats-please rule. Let them know that you’re happy to swap chocolates and mince pies for a music download voucher, so you have the latest tunes to walk or workout to.

8. Don’t save up

It’s always wise to save for your gift-shopping budget, but don’t save up for the big night from a food perspective. Why not? Some people justify overeating with the fact they’ve eaten virtually nothing during the day, but in fact this is counter productive and can lead to weight gain. If you arrive at a function starving, your hunger signals are already in the danger zone. This can easily get the better of your smart decision making and result in overeating by as much as two or three times the kilojoules you’ve missed out on during the day.

9. Party smart

When faced with a week of parties and socialising, try to focus on the occasion rather than the food. Mingle as far away from the buffet as possible, dance the night away, enjoy good conversation or wear a large bangle to act as a brake, by catching your eye every time you reach for a canapé.

10. Book your break

With all the silly season planning, you can often feel like just getting away from it all. So, do it! If you’re on a weight-loss journey and want to break the holiday weight-gain cycle, book a trip over Christmas, not in January. Go for an exotic trek or a week-long bushwalking adventure – anything that keeps you healthy, active and away from Christmas and all the food-related trimmings at home.