Your fitness toolbox

If you need support to hit your fitness goals, WW has a full set of go-to tools you can use. Here’s what’s on offer.

Your fitness toolbox



It’s our unit of measurement for the amount of activity you do, and is a key part of the WW program’s fitness pillar. Start exercising and you’ll start accumulating them, based on the activity type, duration, intensity and your weight and gender, and every one you earn gets you closer to hitting your weekly FitPoints goal. The best thing is that as you get fitter and integrate more activity into your day-to-day life, your FitPoints goal will change, so you’ll always have something to strive for and work towards to help keep any bigger fitness goals you might have, on track.



Want to exercise but not sure what to do or where to start? Click on Workouts. We've got loads of ideas including full-body workouts, tummy and leg toners, hand-weight workouts, fit-ball workouts and much (much!) more. Each workout displays a photos demonstrating each exercise and a description of how do it, so you’ll always be in perfect form.


Grab a WW mag

In every issue of our monthly WW magazine we feature tips and workouts, and give you the lowdown on the latest gear. We also road test the latest workouts and sports so you don’t have to – it means you’ll know what you’re in for before you arrive.


Get social!

We know that motivation requires daily maintenance so we make sure to send you some love through our social media pages. We post inspiration from members, exercises of the day and other tips and content to help you have a successful week. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to start receiving your daily dose of motivation.


Go gadgets!

Technology has the smarts to do many things – organise your social calendar, bring you the latest news from around the world, and even turn off your lights when you’re not at home. And, yep, it can also help you amp up your fitness routine, too. Activity devices like a Fitbit or Jawbone are designed to be worn as wristbands that monitor a whole range of things, including how much you move and sleep. Plus, you can synchronise them with your WW account so that your FitPoints are calculated and added automatically – talk about clever!