Cardio tennis

When it comes to trying new fitness activities, the ball is in your court. And we reckon Cardio Tennis is a hit!

Keep fit with cardio tennis


What is cardio tennis?

It’s like tennis … and then some! An hour-long Cardio Tennis class combines running with tennis drills for a high-intensity workout that keeps you on your toes. You’ll do about four different drills for 10 minutes nonstop – which mainly involve hitting balls on the run then racing around the outside of the court – with a two-minute breather and rehydration break between each. A fun playlist blares around you to help keep your motivation and energy high – and it works: research shows you work out harder when you exercise to upbeat music.


Why we love it

You don’t need to be a tennis ace to take part. While you focus on forehands, backhands and volleys during the class, it’s more about keeping your heart rate up to improve your fitness. Some classes are more challenging than others, depending on how fit the other people are in your group, but you can go as fast or as slow as you like. If you’re struggling to keep up at any point, just let people run past you until you can pick up your pace.


What you need

Turn up in your trainers and regular workout gear. The high intensity means you’ll probably sweat a bit, so take a towel and water bottle, too. If you have a racquet bring it along, but don’t worry if you don’t, as there are usually spares available to borrow – just ask ahead when you book your class. If you’re worried about joining a group of people you don’t know, organise a class with friends who are at the same fitness level as you.