10 budget friendly exercises

You don’t have to spend big bucks to workout. Here’s 10 ways to sweat for less.

10 ways to keep active on a budget


1. Walk it


Walking is such a great budget exercise option: you can do it anywhere, anytime and you don’t need fancy equipment.


2. Go green


Do something good for the environment and your body at the same time. Try hand-washing the car, walking or cycling instead of driving, and hanging out a big load of washing instead of tumble-drying it.


3. Home gym


Set up your own gym at home using everyday items such as large water bottles filled with sand for weights, chairs for seated dips and stairs for climbing. Find as many exercise options as you can and do a 20-minute circuit by moving from one ‘station’ to the next at 30-second intervals.


4. Back to nature


Get outside and create a fitness circuit using items around you. Include step-ups on the gutter, tricep dips on a park bench, push-ups against a picnic table, power walking on sand and swimming in the sea.


5. Up the ante


Look for ways to be active and increase your incidental exercise. Cancel the paper delivery and walk to the shops instead, cycle the kids to school or go for a walk with friends instead of catching up at a cafe.


6. Family fun


Make time each weekend to get the family together for some physical exercise. Try bike riding, soccer, running races or basketball.


7. House-workout


Put some music on and get stuck into the chores – sweat, huff, puff and don’t stop ‘til it’s all done. The time will fly as you clean the windows, make the beds and sweep the floors.


8. Move it


Pick a room in the house that you’re sick of and rearrange it. Moving furniture is great exercise – just remember to bend your knees to protect your back. This is a good one to do with a friend or partner.


9. Animal antics


Getting active with your pet (or your neighbour’s is a great exercise opportunity – for you both. Walking or running down to the park to throw and chase a ball will certainly get you moving.


10. Working bee


Throw a working bee in your garden one weekend or, if you don’t have one, suggest it to a friend who does. It’s a great opportunity to exercise muscles you never knew you had by raking leaves, mowing the lawn, weeding flower beds and pruning branches.