Back strengthening workout

Back strengthening workout

Strengthen the muscles of your back with these six exercises.

Back strengthening workout

Back to basics
Having a strong back is important to help maintain correct posture and to fend off injury and back pain. That being said, exercising these areas will also certainly help strengthen your midsection, including the upper, lower and mid back muscles. So what are you waiting for? Incorporate these simple exercises into your weekly workout to get started.

Before you start:

Warm up
It’s important to warm up before you get into your exercises. Get your blood pumping with a brisk walk just before you start.

Start out easy with repetitions of each exercise for up to one minute at a time. Create a circuit of all six exercises by doing them one after another in single sets. Repeat the circuit up to three times and do it two to four times a week for best results.


Get started:

1. Upright rows

Works: Your upper back and shoulders.
Equipment: A barbell weight or a bucket filled with water.
How-to: Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and knees slightly bent. Take hold of the weight with your arms extended straight down. Exhale as you bend your elbows wide and lift your hands and the weight to the top of your chest bone. Inhale and slowly lower your hands back down to the start position. Repeat for up to one minute at a time, keeping your chin tucked in and your back upright.

Upright rows

2. Swimming

Works: Your upper back and lower back.
Equipment: A mat or towel.
How-to: Lie face down with your arms and legs extended. Exhale and slowly raise one arm and the opposite leg, focusing on lengthening your body rather than lifting too high. Inhale and lower your arm and leg back down. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating sides for up to one minute, lifting your belly button up towards your spine.


3. Seated rows

Works: Your upper and lower back.
Equipment: A mat and a resistance band.
How-to: Sit upright with your legs bent. Loop a resistance band across your feet, wrapping each end around your hands. Lengthen your spine and keep your chin tucked in as you draw your elbows back in a continuous rowing motion. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the end of each row. Repeat for up to one minute at a time.

Seated rows

4. Outward rotations

Works: Your upper back.
Equipment: Hand weights.
How-to: Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and knees slightly bent. Take hold of the weights and bring your hands together in front of you. Bend the elbows at 90 degrees with your palms facing up. Keep your shoulders back and down as you take the hands apart and out to the side, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Keep your elbows tucked in by your sides at all times and keep the movement slow and controlled.

Outward rotations

5. Dorsal raises

Works: Your upper and lower back.
Equipment: A mat or towel.
How-to: Lie on your stomach with your elbows bent beside you and eyes facing the floor. Relax your lower body and exhale as you lift your upper body off the floor. Inhale as you lower your upper body down to the floor. Repeat this raising and lowering action for up to one minute at a time.

Dorsal raises

6. Super raises

Works: Your upper and lower back.
Equipment: A mat or towel.
How-to: Kneel on all fours with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under hips. Look towards the floor. Bend and touch one elbow to the opposite knee, then extend them as straight as possible. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg, then continue alternating for up to one minute.

Super raises