Fast cards workout

Fast cards workout

Try this fun fitness game where your workout is determined by the hand you are dealt.

A fun group workout or try it on your own


This is a fun game in which your workout is determined literally by the hand that you are dealt. All you need is a pack of cards and a rule sheet (use ours below). This will give you a full-body workout and a good laugh as the cards turn and command you to get moving.

Participants: 2-6 (6 is ideal). You can also play on your own.
Equipment: A deck of cards and a rules sheet.
Set-up: Deck of cards and find a marker 30m-50m away.

Fast aces

How to play:
Everyone sits in a circle around the deck of cards. One person turns a card and does the corresponding exercise (individually or as a group – see the rules sheet). As soon as the person starts the exercise (or the group finishes the 'everybody' exercise), the person to the left turns a card and does their exercise.

Keep going like this around the circle as fast as you can. If people are doing exercises and someone draws an 'Everybody' card, everyone must finish off the exercise they are doing before you start the group exercise.

Work through the deck of cards as quickly as you can and keep an eye on the aces so you know how many times you have to run to the marker and back. Keep going till you get to the end of the deck.


Rules sheet

You can modify your rule sheet to work specific muscles.

Run out and back to your chosen marker 30m-50m away* Everybody plank for 60 seconds 20 jump squats (or normal squats)
Everybody do 20 star jumps Everybody do 15 squats Everybody run out and back
Run out and back with a mate – choose someone that you want to make sweat! Heaven (you get to rest this turn!) 20 mountain climbers
10 push-ups 10 sit-ups 10 lunges
10 squats *(multiplied by the amount of aces that have been turned as you progress through the game)