Strengthen your resilience to stress

Fortify yourself against stressful situations with four simple tactics.

4 smart stress strategies

Having some go-to strategies to bring your stress levels down in the moment is a smart move. But what if you could go one better by doing things that can prepare your body to deal with stress before it even strikes? It turns out you can! Use these four strategies to strengthen your resilience to stress.

Make yoga a daily habit

Do it for just 12 minutes a day and after eight weeks you’ll not only feel less stressed, you’ll have taken steps to reduce the physical impact stress can have on your body, too. And that’s good news, because the long-term physical effects of stress have been linked to an increased risk of everything from heart disease to dementia and depression. Not sure where to start?

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Pack up your troubles

It’s 3am and you’ve woken up in a blind panic about something… again. It leaves you stressed, tired and run-down. But there’s hope for us chronic worriers – a Dutch study has shown that ‘compartmentalising’ can help. Take half an hour a day to list your problems and create solutions – then put it all aside. And relax!

Tip: Use your phone to set an alarm for your ‘worry slot’ so you always make the time to do it.

Practice mindfulness meditation

Regular 25-minute mindfulness meditation sessions can improve your ability to be resilient under stress, according to a study performed at Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Researchers believe practising mindfulness meditation can improve the body’s stress hormone response.

Spend time helping others

Far from creating more things for you to stress about, committing to helping other people navigate their own problems can actually help protect you against the negative effects of daily stress in your own life, say researchers from the University of California. It’s thought that helping other people might stimulate certain biological systems that reduce your own emotional stress response.