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How can I find friends on Connect?
On Connect use the Search & Explore section to find your friends. If you can’t find your friend by username there make sure your friend has visited Connect.

How do I create my own library of Posts?

Use a hashtag that has your name on it. For example if your username is jezzyj, create a #inspirationforjezzyj on all posts that you want to look back on.

Attach hashtags for all challenges and groups you participate in to all of your posts.

Attach hashtags for favourite recipes, hobbies or activities you enjoy like #earlyriser,#lovetobake or #mumofthree to your posts so other members with similar interests can find you.

How do I create a Challenge?

Use a hashtags such as #WWWalk, #30daychallenge or #summerchallenge. Join a challenge by searching for hashtags such #runeveryday or #fruitandvegetablechallenge.

 Add the hashtags to the bottom of your posts so that other members can find you.

 Can I create a Group on Connect?

 Using hashtags recreate groups from the old community such as #youngslimmers, or create a hashtag for your group coaching friends on Connect #TownsvilleWW or #NorthSydneyWW.

 Meet others who enjoy the same hobbies like #scrapbook or #lovetohike or find friends in your life-stage like #futurebride, #newmum, #grandma

 Add the hashtags to the bottom of your posts so that you're friends can find the group.

What do these acronyms mean?

NSV = Non-Scale Victory

SP = Smart Points

FP= FitPoints

If I like a member's posts, how can I continue seeing their posts?

You can click on follow from their post or on their profile, then all of their posts will show up in your following feed.

What if I like what a member posts and want to see more of them?

 You can click on that member's picture and you'll see all of their posts in their profile.

What if I don't want a specific member to see my posts?

You can block and hide a user by clicking on the 3 dots at the bottom of a post on the iPhone app.

 On the Android click on the time stamp at the upper right corner.

What if I disagree with what someone says?

If you find a members post offensive you can report it as inappropriate.


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