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Start today with Workshop + Digital
Reach your goals with the PersonalPoints™ Program! Get weekly weight-loss support from your Coach and group, whenever you need it. Join us in-person at one of our Studio locations or join one of our 45 weekly Virtual Sessions on Zoom.

*Workshop + Digital 1, 3 & 6 month plans. Offer ends 30/06/22. See offer terms.

Two WW coaches are shown interacting with members, one in person and one virtually.

    Advantages of Virtual Workshops

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    • Proven Success: Weekly check-ins will keep you as accountable as ever, so you get the results you want!
    • No Travel Required, Workshop Anywhere: Zoom into a 30min weekly workshop with your coaches, for your Wellness check in. One click and you're in!
    • Choose your Coach: We know how important it is to 'gel' with your coach, so we've got a nifty tool so that you choose your coach.

    • Expert Coach Support: Your coach will email you before each Virtual Workshop session to check in with you.

    • Convenient Times: We have 45 sessions to choose from, so just choose a day and time that suits you!

    • Choose your Tribe: We know how important it is to truly connect with other WW members, so we've made a brand new "Peer Group Workshop" series so you can choose a group that suits your style.

A plan that’s yours—and only yours.

No two people are alike, so no two plans are alike. When you join WW, we’ll ask you a series of questions via our PersonalPoints Engine, then we’ll design your unique PersonalPoints Budget and ZeroPoint™ food list.

Science, simplified.

Based on groundbreaking nutritional and behaviour-change research, WW rewards you for healthy habits so you stick with them! For the first time ever, you’ll earn Points for doing healthy things—like eating veggies, drinking water, or moving more.

Zero deprivation.

Cook your favourite meals. Go to brunch, happy hour, and parties. With our new program, nothing is off-limits, and there are no restrictive rules—just balance. Simply track, live, and lose the weight you want.

These members did it and you can too!

Member Spotlight
Francoise, -20kg#

Super mum, creative cook, outdoor adventurer, WW Coach

Uses Workshop plan

#People following the WW program can expect to lose up to 1kg/week. Featured members lost weight on a prior program and are continuing on PersonalPoints.