Weight loss

10 things to expect when losing weight

Thinking joining WW but not sure what to expect or how much weight you'll lose each week? Here are 10 good-to-know facts.
Published 20 June 2018

1. You’ll see great results from the very start

With ZeroPoint foods and roller over Points, our WW program provides more freedom and flexibility than ever before to lose weight while still enjoying all your favourite foods. “In my first week following the new program I lost 2.1kg,” says WW Coach Leah. In fact, while the new program is designed to deliver a healthy, safe and sustainable rate of weight loss of 0.5kg to 1kg per week – because research proves that smaller, consistent losses are more likely to result in successful long term weight loss – don’t be surprised if, like Leah, you see more in your first few weeks on the program.

2. You'll set and celebrate mini goals

How much weight you want to lose is totally up to you, but the best way to get there is by setting small goals. It might be losing 5kg to start with – whatever is realistic and achievable for your life right now. And when you achieve it, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate it, says WW member Joanne, who lost 26kg in 2.5 years. “Giving myself little treats was a great way to stay motivated when I was losing weight. I love a massage, so I booked myself in for one when I hit my five per cent weight loss goal. I also love clothes, so I’d buy myself scarves to celebrate little milestones. It all helped!” she says.

3. Your weight loss will vary from week to week

There’s no rule about how much weight you’ll lose each week. In fact it can range from gaining a few grams to losing up to 2kg – partly because no two weeks are the same, but also because your body’s rate of weight loss can vary, and that’s normal. The main thing to remember is that a loss is a loss. WW member Andrea says: “Before WW, I always wanted to lose a lot of weight in a week, but I now know a loss of half a kilo a week is gold if I just keep going.” WW Coach Abby agrees. “Body weight naturally fluctuates a little,’ she says. “Instead, go by how your clothes fit and how your body feels.”

4. You may hit a weight-loss plateau

That’s where your weight loss stalls for a few weeks, even though you’re still following the program. Plateaus aren’t an inevitable part of weight loss, but they are common. Sometimes they happen if losing weight has lowered your metabolism, but research shows that most of the time plateaus occur when you drift off -track a little. WW member Anna Van Dyken lost 70kg over four years to reach her goal weight of 72kg, and experienced a 12-week plateau on her journey. “It was frustrating but with WW beside me, the idea of giving up never entered my head,” she says.

5. It’s not just about the numbers on the scale

Weight-loss success is about more than the number on the scales. At WW, we encourage members to focus on non-scales victories. They’re the small, everyday indicators that mark your new, healthier lifestyle, like having more energy or sleeping better. “Seeing results on the scales can be really motivating, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the only measure of success on a weight-loss journey,” says dietitian and WW's Member Retention Manager, Nicole Stride. “Acknowledging the success you’ve had off the scales can bring a new positive perspective to your journey and the progress you’ve made so far. This can really help you to stay motivated when you’re starting to feel down.” On a recent holiday, WW member Bec celebrated one of her non-scales victories. “I did a lot of water sports. Normally, I would’ve just been sitting on the beach, watching the kids in the water, so it felt great to get out there,” she says.

6. Your motivation may need topping up

Research proves that staying motivated is key to weight loss success, and there may be times that you need to work at it. Reflecting on your victories – yes, including those non-scales ones – is smart, and so is remembering why you started this journey in the first place. “Never forget why you joined WW,” says WW member Carol. “For me, it was about feeling comfortable in my own skin, but as I get older, my ‘why’ is more about my health. If you head down the road of eating healthily and moving more, life will look and feel very different.”

7. You’ll be inspired by our Connect community

Connect is our exclusive online community, which you can enjoy and benefit from as soon as you become a WW member. You can access Connect on the WW app or by logging into the WW website. It’s your chance to follow and be inspired by other members as well as sharing your own journey and experiences, because research proves that people who receive social support are more likely to lose weight. “It’s so important to have a support network around you that understands what you’re doing and can catch you if you fall,” says Bec. “And with Connect, you can also influence people without even realising you’re doing it.”

8. You’ll achieve your goal weight

“Anyone can succeed on the program if they follow it,” says WW member Jennifer, who lost 22kg in seven months. “If you put in 100 per cent effort, you’ll get 100 per cent results.” Andrea agrees, “I love the program’s flexibility. I knew that as long as I stuck to my budget, I was going to lose weight. It’s that simple.” Take a look at our member success stories give you a motivation boost.

9. You’ll learn how to maintain your weight loss

As a WW member, the skills you’ll learn on your weight loss journey will set you up for long-term success. “I’ve maintained my weight for more than 24 years and learned that maintenance is about more than just food and activity – it’s about having the right mindset,” says Carol. “Always remember that you haven’t been on a diet – you’ve changed the way you live. Diets end, but a lifestyle lasts forever.”

10. You'll find inspiration on social media

Seeing and celebrating other member's successes is a great way to fuel your own motivation. On our socials you'll also gain helpful app hacks, food prep tips and recipe trends to try. Follow WW's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest pages to keep you inspired and connected to our social community.