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WW vs. Raw Diet

Compare the raw diet with the WeightWatchers weight loss program. We'll look at what you'll eat, the health risks and liveability of both options.

Does the raw diet work for weight loss?

The raw diet is based on the principle that food in its raw, natural or uncooked state has higher levels of nutrients and enzymes and lower levels of chemicals. People following raw food diets don’t eat anything heated above 40 degrees Celsius.

There are some pseudo-scientific claims made by raw foodists that don’t match modern science. On top of that, some anthropologists argue that cooking food has allowed humans to evolve by significantly increasing the variety of energy-dense foods we could eat and requiring less time for hunting and gathering.

Following a raw diet may lead to weight loss but there is no proven science that says it is safe long term.

Raw diet

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What can I eat on this plan?

Everything’s on the menu! The WeightWatchers program has food, activity, sleep, and mindset features designed to make weight loss easier. It builds on our proven Points system, which converts calories, saturated fat, added sugar, fibre and protein into one easy-to-use value. There are different ways to follow WW that provide tailored Points Budgets, along with ZeroPoint foods that you don’t have to track or measure. Of course, balanced, healthy eating behaviours are still recommended.

Food in its raw, natural or uncooked state. No food can be heated above 40 degrees Celsius. Popular foods eaten on this diet include sprouted grains, cold-pressed oils, raw meat such as carpaccio, fish (sashimi) and raw zucchini spiral ‘pasta’.


The program has been developed based on principles of nutrition and behaviour-change science to build healthy habits around food, activity, sleep, and mindset. Our easy-to-use features, including our new 'What's in your fridge' tool that suggests recipes based on what you already have, techniques that you can learn through new 5-Minute Coaching audio sessions, and weekly topics help guide members towards smarter food choices, moving more, sleeping better, and more helpful ways of thinking.

A raw diet is restrictive and can be difficult to incorporate into a lifestyle if you tend to eat out a lot as many restaurants or take-away outlets don’t cater to this diet.

Health risks

WW was named the #1 doctor-recommended weight-loss program based on a 2019 survey by Kantar Health of 500 doctors who recommend weight-loss programs to patients.

By restricting your diet to only consuming raw foods, your diet is likely to be nutritionally inadequate and lacking in key vitamins and minerals. Additionally, beneficial phytonutrients, such as lycopene in tomatoes, have been shown to be more readily absorbed by the body when cooked with olive oil than compared to when eaten raw.

Social support

In-person and Virtual Workshops, WW Coaches, 24/7 Live Coaching, customer service, and Connect, an exclusive social network with other members for motivation and inspiration whenever you need it.

Blogs written by followers of the raw diet exist, but there is no central organisation providing guidance from qualified experts.

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The WW program is suitable for all dietary preferences including those wish to incorporate more raw foods into their diet.

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