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“This weight-loss tip changed my life”

Searching for inspiration? Read the stay-on-track tips and secrets of 25 women from all walks of life.
Published 15 November 2015

Weight-loss tips from WW members

1. Don’t beat yourself up

“If you’ve had a big food day and eaten more than you expected, move on. Don’t dwell on it, fill your mind with regrets or skip any meals to try and make up for it – just start fresh the next day.” Nina Ainsley, Queensland

2. Food equals energy

“I treat my body like a well-oiled engine – it deserves quality fuel in the form of filling, healthy foods. If my car gets top-price premium fuel, my body deserves the same treatment.” Sarah Payne, WW Coach, Queensland

3. Every bite counts

"Try not to finish your kids’ food. If you do, track it because those little extras add up. Find a better sweet snack- If I’m craving something sweet, I always think of the Points® and try to have a carrot or some fruit instead. My absolute favourite is frozen dates." Karen Van Oploo, NSW

4. Track every day

“Tracking everything I eat and drink makes me more aware of my food choices. It also helps me target all of my little bad habits, like the 3pm biscuits.” Kirsten Lee, ACT

5. Eating is not a competitive event

“Remember, eating isn’t a challenge to finish everything on your plate. You can save leftovers for later or take a doggie bag home if you’re eating out. There’s no prize for finishing first.” Emma Lindsay, NSW

6. Look good while you’re exercising

“I love buying stylish gym clothes to motivate me to exercise. If you look good, you feel good and, in my opinion, that’s the first part of successfully losing weight and keeping if off.” Gillian Nalletamby, NSW

7. Address your eating triggers

“Acknowledging what made me eat in the first instance, and being honest about the foods I was eating, is what helped me lose weight.” 2010 New Zealand Slimmer of the Year, Victoria Pinder

8. Drop the sweet-tooth craving

“I used to drink a Diet Coke after lunch, which made me crave sweet foods throughout the afternoon. When I stopped drinking it, I listened to my belly and realised that my lunch was actually satisfying me right through until dinner.” Lauren Smelcher Sams, NSW

9. Do what you love

“I stopped trying to force myself to hit the gym, which I really didn’t enjoy. Instead, I choose fun exercises, like beginner funk classes. As a result, fitness no longer feels like hard work or a chore.” Andrea Zietta, Tasmania

10. Always eat fresh

“I eat food as close as possible to its natural state. I don’t eliminate or restrict anything, but I try to choose foods that aren’t too processed or don’t contain too much sugar or preservatives.” Chloe Holland, ACT

11. Tweak your couch potato lifestyle

“When I’m on the treadmill in front of the TV, I always pump up the intensity by running or inclining whenever the ads come on. It’s a great way to boost a workout without really noticing.” Deb Purkiss, Victoria

12. Brush regularly

“I’ve made it a habit to brush my teeth after every meal I have. The feeling of clean, fresh teeth helps to remind me that the meal is over. It’s particularly useful after dinner because that’s usually when I tend to want to reach for something sweet.” Sally Maree, NZ

13. Enjoy small treats

“When I was losing weight last year, I still allowed myself to eat chocolate every day. I portioned a large block of chocolate into single squares by wrapping them individually in tinfoil and writing down the date they could be eaten. This way, I wasn’t tempted to eat more than one day’s portion at a time.” Simone Miller, SA

14. Load your plate with vegetables

“I divide my plate into sections and make sure at least half of the plate is chock-full of salad or vegetables, with the remainder divided between lean meats and low-GI carbs. It’s a really quick and easy way to make sure I get my five servings of vegetables a day without measuring.” Naomi Cotterill, NSW

15. Take your body measurements

“Use a measuring tape, ribbon or belt to track your weight loss. Sometimes, when the scales aren’t moving, your measurements are still going down.” Sharon Horne, WW Coach, SA

16. Listen to your hunger signals

“I started eating more slowly and learnt to wait 20 minutes after meals to decide if I was still hungry or not. This gave my stomach a chance to catch up and let me know whether it needed any more food.” Laura Edwards, ACT

17. Reduce the size of your portions

“My major breakthrough was adjusting food portions and no longer eating the same sized meals as my husband.” Felicity Davis, Victoria

18. Make yourself accountable

“Whether it’s at your weekly Group Coaching session, to friends or a family member, or even by going online, always make yourself answerable.” Melina Winston, NZ

19. Enjoy the benefits of sharing treats

“I share chocolate bars and other treats with my partner. This means I can still have them without blowing out my Points budget.” Amanda Pearse, Victoria

20. Stay organised

“Planning ahead is important. I plan all my meals and snacks a week in advance so my taste buds don’t rule my decisions.” Paula Durrant, Victoria

21. Put in 100 per cent

“Always strive to do your best in every single situation, from work matters to romance. No-one can expect more from you than that.” Krissi White, NZ

22. Find inner motivation

“Know your ‘why’ – why do you want to lose weight? Once I discovered mine, making healthier choices became easier.” Kate Russo, WW Coach, NSW

23. Drink smart

“I used to confuse thirst for hunger. Drinking water and other 0 Points value drinks taught me that I usually need quench more than crunch.” 2010 Slimmer of the Year, Sasha Job, Queensland

24. Make good health your new hobby

“Devour all the information you can get your hands on – books, documentaries, recipe books, Google alerts – and start putting your knowledge into practice.” Karyn Colley, SA

25. Monitor your feelings daily

“Keeping a diary about my emotions and food habits meant I was able to identify when I wasn’t feeling at my best. This not only helped me to change, but improved my weight loss.” Sonya Carbone, SA