Keep portions in check when working from home

Here's how to deal with portions when you have 24/7 access to the fridge.
Published 31 March 2020 | Updated 7 October 2022

Feeling stressed out and working from home with around-the-clock access to your fridge is a tricky combination. But just because you have days' worth of food at your fingertips, that doesn't mean you need to fall off track with your wellness and weight-loss goals. Measuring out portions can help.

"Being aware of how much you are eating is a powerful weight-loss tool, and intentionally managing portion sizes is important," says registered dietitian, Zoe Griffiths. "Research has shown that when people serve themselves from larger packages of foods and beverages, they tend to eat more." And now that you're at home more, you may find that you have more opportunities than ever to increase your servings.

Whether you're digging into a bowl of cereal or bag of chips, the portion-management strategies below can help. And remember: Portions are personal! The portion size that’s right for you depends on what you’re eating and how much you need to feel satisfied while staying within your Points Budget.

1. Serve yourself

The best way to determine your portion size is to do some measuring. With time, you’ll train your brain to serve up the right amount automatically. Start by putting the amount of, say, popcorn or pasta that you would usually eat into your usual bowl or plate. Then...

2. Size it up

One of the benefits of working from home: Easy access to measuring cups and spoons. Measure or weigh your portion using cups or a scale. Now you know how much you’re actually eating.

3. Track it

Use your WeightWatchers® app to find the Points value. (Hint: The barcode scanner on the top right corner of the My Day screen is great for finding packaged foods.) How does this impact your Budget?

4. Decide what works

Does this portion work well with your Budget? Remember that you can bulk up any meal or snack with your ZeroPoint™ foods. By using a little less pasta and adding lots of sautéed veggies instead you can enjoy a delicious dinner that’s lower in Points.

5. Use your hand

You've got a great portion estimator at hand—literally. Use the guide below when serving up portions. Of course, hands come in all sizes. If you are curious about how your hand size measures up, test out your estimations at home and compare with the portions from measuring cups.

6. Take your portion and then move away

Instead of snacking in the kitchen, take your bowl to your table. You can always go back for seconds if you're still hungry.

7. Use Connect

Search #portioncontrol on Connect for more great strategies from other WW members!