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5 tips for healthy Easter eating

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare and make the most of Easter.

Let’s admit it – most of us love chocolate. For some reason it tastes even better when it’s moulded into fun shapes and wrapped in colourful paper. If you’ve been with WW then you’ll know that you can enjoy all the foods you love with the program. Easter chocolates are no exception. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare and make the most of Easter.

1. Less is more when it comes to rich food

Buy smaller, individually wrapped Easter eggs and work out how many you will enjoy before your hand dives into the packet. If you’re going to spend the SmartPoints®, make it worthwhile! Stick to individually wrapped portions of higher quality chocolate. Often a smaller amount of dark chocolate will satisfy you more than the cheaper chocolate.

2. Don't go hungry

To help manage hunger, have a light snack before heading to your Easter celebrations. Choose the best looking options and have a small portion, and add lots of filling foods to your plate. Even better, bring a healthy dish made from ZeroPoint™ foods so you have a 'go to' option on the table.

3. Add more activity to your day

The great thing about the Easter break is that you have more time to get active. Go for an early morning walk or arrange an Easter egg hunt ‘for the kids’ at the local park. It's also a great time to round up the family for a bike ride.

4. Enjoy alcohol responsibly

Nominate yourself as designated driver, it’s a great way to ensure you don’t drink more alcohol than planned at the Easter BBQ or dinner. This way you can enjoy a glass of wine and stick to non-alcoholic drinks without the pressure.

5. Gift leftover chocolate to a loved one

If you have chocolate falling out of the pantry after Easter, keep it in the freezer so you're less likely to nibble on it. Better still, if you've been loaded up with chocolate eggs, don't feel bad about giving them away. Especially if you know that having them in the house will lead to eating them.

How many SmartPoints are in popular Easter chocolates?

SmartPoints on all three food plans.

Low SmartPoints Easter swaps

  1. Fresh dates - 0 SmartPoints.

  2. Prefer something chocolatey? Our ever-popular member recipe for chocolate Nutella-filled muffins won't disappoint with a gooey hazelnut centre for only 2 SmartPoints.

  3. Or our choc-orange sweet hearts with walnuts and chia seeds are a perfect bite size chocolate snack.