9 simple ways to sit less

Take a stand with these tips to get out of your seat.
Published 2 December 2018

Simple ways to sit less

These days, most of us sit a lot - in some cases, eight hours a day or more. Research has shown that sitting isn't so great for us, even if we get in a workout most days. Long stretches of sitting are most harmful, so aim to get out of your seat more often throughout the day. It's easier than you might think.

First, try to notice your ‘sitting time' over a few days or a week. Write down when/ where you sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. Do this on both a work and non-work day.

This can make you more aware of when and where you're sitting too long without getting up. Try the following ideas and take a stand!

At home

  • Set an alarm on your smartphone to remind yourself to get up and walk every 30 minutes.
  • Stay on your feet while watching TV, and use the time to iron clothes, lift weights or even march on the spot.
  • Be inefficient! Take the laundry up the stairs in a few trips instead of one, wash dishes by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher, use a watering can instead of the hose, and so on.

Top tip: Change into your 'active' clothes as soon as you get home. It's harder to skip it if you're already in your workout clothes.

At work

  • Set an hourly alarm on your phone or computer to remind yourself to get up and walk for five minutes.
  • Instead of sit-down meetings, hold walking meetings or make an effort to stand for five minutes in each meeting.
  • Send documents to the farthest printer, store your lunch in a more remote fridge, use the restroom on another floor - you get the idea.

Out and about

  • Stand up instead of sitting down on public transport.
  • Cheer on your kid's soccer team as you pace along the sidelines, not plonked in a chair.
  • Waiting for a table? Stand at the bar or in the foyer rather than sitting. If you're standing, you're more likely to move around!