Building active habits

Learn new strategies to help make physical activity a behaviour that sticks.
Published 13 February 2019

Our approach to physical activity is simple: If you enjoy it, you’ll do it more. And the more you do it, the more skills you’ll develop and the more confident you’ll feel—which will make you want to keep doing it.

Make being active stick with one of these strategies:

1. Be realistic

Pick activities that you think you might actually do and enjoy. Hate to run? Training for a 5K probably isn’t your thing. (But yoga might be.)

2. Try “temptation bundling.”

Dying to binge-watch the latest streaming series? Save it for the treadmill, so you’re pairing something you love with your new workout.

3. Find the fun

Okay, so maybe you don’t love the activity—but you can still enjoy the time you spend doing it. (For example, running with a friend.)

4. End on a high note

Even if parts of the activity were tough, ending it with something that feels good— stretching, a cooldown walk—will create a lasting, positive impression.

5. Celebrate progress

Did you make it to yoga twice this week? Great! Track that activity in the WW app and share it in the “New to activity” Connect group.