6 week HIIT workout plan

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best and most time effective exercise routines for achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.
Published 25 January 2017

6 week HIIT workout plan for weight loss

How it works

This program is designed to allow you to exercise at high intensities for short bursts and then recover. This causes sustained metabolic responses and increased fitness adaptations. So for a short duration workout you are getting a great fitness and weight-loss response.

What to expect

Each high intensity workout goes for 15-25 minutes and can be done outdoors or on any piece of cardio based gym equipment. The duration and intensity of each workout gradually increase throughout the program allowing you to progress your fitness and weight loss results in a shorter amount of time. To round out this program we have included some resistance training and stretching days to ensure that it’s a comprehensive fitness plan.

Intensity: Intermediate
Duration: 6 weeks
Average Workout Length: 15-25 minutes