10 myWW+ app tools that make weight loss easier than ever!

Meal planners, recipe finders, mindset coaching and more!
Published 6 December 2020

1. Weekly progress report

After you complete your weekly check-in, we’ll share your weekly progress report for the week. Your sleep, food tracking, activity and mindset all play an important part of your overall wellness. We'll give you a comprehensive read out that measures your weekly success on and off the scale.

Top tip: Tap on 'See my trends' to view your daily progress across your food tracking, activity, sleep and mindset.

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2. 5-minute mindset audio coaching

Our new app tool delivers bite-sized behaviour change techniques for your busy life right when you need them.

Learn behaviour change techniques and 5 minute meditations any time you need them, from help for stress eating or not to beat yourself up if you overeat.

3. Weekly action plan and goal setting

After your wellness check-in and viewing your inspiring progress report, we’ll help you set an action plan for the upcoming week.

To help you stay focused, tell us what's happening this week and what you would like to focus on, and we'll suggest some small goals. Choose one and we'll help you work work towards it!

Top tip: You can also add your own goal.

4. Weekly check-in

Measuring your progress on the scale doesn’t always tell the whole story of your week. We’ll also check-in on how you felt, what went well, and we'll help you set a goal to focus on for the week ahead.

Top tip: You'll be prompted to check-in each week in the WW app.

5. What's in your fridge

Our new "What's in your fridge?" app recipe search feature has quickly become a member favourite! It allows you to search and find recipe ideas based on ingredients you have have handy in the fridge and pantry, eg: chicken, pasta and pesto.

Filter recipes by ingredients and the SmartPoints you have to spend. This is our solution to the good old question of 'what's for dinner?' and we have over 5,500 recipes for you and your family to enjoy!

Top tip: You can choose foods you want to exclude in the recipes we suggest.

6. Weekly menu planner

Menu planning has never been easier! Plan your week of meals and healthy eating right in the WW app. Browse recipes and meals, search for dishes you feel like (eg, peanut butter chicken or chicken and feta salad), then tap them into your Meal Planner. We'll give you a shopping list with all the ingredients you need for the week ahead.

Plan your week of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, or follow our ready-to-go meal plans. You can also do a mix of both. It's all about eating the foods you love as you lose weight and get healthier.

Top tip: There is a new button on all foods, recipes, and meals that enables you to add items straight to your menu planner.

7. Personal wellness assessment

The most important part of choosing the right weight loss and wellness program is knowing that it will fit into your lifestyle.

We'll get to know you, and you'll answer in-depth questions about your habits, lifestyle, and goals. Based on what you tell us, we’ll give you a view of your overall wellness and a personalised starting point for your journey.

Top top: You don't need to join WW to take your wellness assessment, it's free and it's the start point taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle with WW.

8. Content hub

The WW app is full of helpful tips to boost your mindset, get a good nights sleep, increase your fitness and eat well with recipe collections and healthy eating ideas.

We also share weekly member stories and program topics to keep you inspired, informed and on the pulse!

9. Personalised recipe suggestions

In the WW app, as you browse and track recipes, we'll get to know what you like and and suggest similar recipes so you're seeing healthy dishes and ideas that are personalised to you.

10. Workout with FitOn and Aaptiv

The WW app has hundreds of on demand workouts from yoga, stretching and strength training.

Follow audio workouts to help you go from walking to running, get dancing in your lounge room or learn Pilates and Barre moves that will help you strengthen and tone. There are so many ways to enjoy moving more!

Top tip: After you complete a workout with FitOn, you can add the earned FitPoints straight to your app.