Get the power of Weight Watchers in your workplace

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See how Weight Watchers can help you lose weight at work.

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What’s in it for me?

Weight Watchers Meetings
with Monthly Pass* or through At Work meeting series**

Meetings - at work

Follow the PointsPlus® program with in-person guidance, strategies and tips

What you get:

  • Guidance from a Leader who lost weight and kept it off with Weight Watchers
  • Support, ideas and encouragement from the group
  • Access to eTools, the Internet weight-loss companion to meetings
  • Convenience and flexibility of meetings at work
Availability of Monthly Pass and At Work meeting series via Weight Watchers Health Solutions in participating areas only and will vary in accordance with company size and commitment

A delicious, filling meal vs a simple sandwich for the same PointsPlus value

Weight Watchers Online

Get tools and information to follow the PointsPlus® program completely online

What you get:

  • Personalized tools for tracking food, activity, and weight
  • Over 3,500 recipes, plus meal ideas, fitness videos and more
  • A database of over 40,000 foods to choose from
  • Access to the Plan from home, office or mobile device

Availability of Weight Watchers Online via Weight Watchers Health Solutions will vary in accordance with company size and commitment
A tablet with a Weight Watchers mobile app

Amazing Mobile Apps

Our Weight Watchers Mobile apps are included with your eTools account or Weight Watchers Online.

‡Weight Watchers Mobile Apps are available on select devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android

Potential Savings

Many employers may subsidize or reimburse some or all of the cost of Weight Watchers Meeting Series, Weight Watchers Meetings with Monthly Pass or Weight Watchers Online. Please check with your Human Resources department to determine whether the opportunity exists at your organization.

There's also a potential opportunity for you to earn a free membership! If you get 20 or more co-workers to purchase and attend weekly meetings, your individual membership can be free^.

*Monthly Pass: Monthly payment is required in advance. The subscriber will automatically be charged each month in accordance with company pricing until they cancel. Monthly Pass is sold in participating areas only; may not be accepted for local and/or At Work meetings in all areas. Minimum enrollment and participation required to start and maintain an At Work meeting.

**At Work Meeting Series: Available in participating areas in the US. Pre-payment required and further restrictions may apply. Minimum enrollment required to start an At Work meeting.

Each Weight Watchers Online subscription will be automatically renewed each month until cancelled.

^At Work Meeting Series: Client Contacts, in participating areas, who start either a 12-week or 17-week At Work Meeting Series at their workplace and get 20 or more co-workers to purchase that meeting series will get their individual meeting series for free.
At Work Meetings with Monthly Pass: If meetings with Monthly Pass are available at your company, please speak to the Weight Watchers Account Manager for more information on what offer may be available to you.