Hungry Girl Goes... on a Road Trip!

Heading out on a trip that'll keep you in a car for hours on end? HG is here with some snacking survival tips.
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Cool it!
If you've got a cooler, here's a list of munchies to keep on hand.

Snacks to Pack Why You Should Pack Them
Fresh fruit salad Fruit salad is one of my favorite snacks. Cut up some melon, toss in berries and you're good to go!
Fresh-cut veggies Carrots, celery and jicama are great munchies
Turkey breast slices They're filling, satisfying and packed with protein.
Hard-boiled egg whites These are great any time of day; they're under 100 calories and high in protein.
Low-fat string cheese Satisfying, tasty, and fun to eat

Room Temp Roundup!
No cooler? Keep these handy snacks around for noshing on.

Snacks to Pack Why You Should Pack Them
Soy chips Crunchy and delicious low-calorie snacks&151they come in a slew of great flavors
Apples and bananas These fruits are easy to eat and don't require refrigeration.
100-calorie pouches With dozens of flavors of cookies, crackers, chips and other snacks, these are great portion-controlled ways to satisfy your need for a snack on the road. Just be careful to stick with one pack.
Freeze-dried fruit It's light, airy, crunchy&151and low in calories, too. My favorite freeze dried fruit is made by Crispy Green (

Roadside Assistance: Tips and Tricks for Your Trip

Dining Out on the Road
It's almost as easy to stop at a supermarket to get better-for-you foods, as it is to stop at a fast food restaurant. And even if you do stop for fast food, there are ways to eat sensibly there, too. Stick with salads (with light dressing, then dip don't pour) or grilled chicken. Avoid sauces, cheeses and fatty sides.

Skip the food fakers.
Some people confuse road trips with hikes and they snack on trail mix, granola and ginormous energy bars. This is a bad idea, people. Those foods are loaded with calories and may be reasonable snacks if you're on a three-hour hike, but when you're in a car sitting for hours, skip that stuff!

Stick with portion-controlled treats.
Studies have shown that people who eat from large multi-serving bags of food end up taking in more calories than they would if their snacks came in pre-portioned pouches. If you open up that giant bag of fat-free chips, chances are you'll down way more than one serving. So be careful!

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