Better Together

 Being on Plan as a couple is much easier than if either of us had attempted to lose weight on our own. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
When Maureen and her husband Larry started taking dance lessons, they realized they’d have more fun if they weren’t so out of breath. They joined Weight Watchers meetings to stay on track of their food choices and lose some weight. That was eight years ago. Today they’re still wearing their dancing shoes and are more fit than ever.

In Maureen’s Words

Larry and I had been members of Weight Watchers in the past. But after a time, we thought we could keep the weight off on our own, stopped going to meetings and ended up gaining the weight back. But this time was different. Once we really committed to the Plan, we realized what we’d been doing wrong: our eyes had been bigger than our stomachs. Our portions were all wrong. Weight Watchers taught us how to keep them in check.

The little things

The most important thing we found is that it’s really important to measure and to weigh the food we’re eating. Larry measures everything and has even brought our food scale to restaurants! When it comes to snacking, we’re both into buying healthy food and don’t really keep junk food in the house—except a little chocolate!

Dancing off the pounds

We first started dancing when my brother was planning our nephew’s bar mitzvah. We were excited that he was going to hire a swing band. My brother and his friends had signed up to take dance lessons, so we decided we would, too. We signed up for a package of three lessons, thinking that would be enough to prepare us for the party. But we immediately got hooked. Now we dance about four nights a week. It’s something we can do together, we’re not anywhere near a refrigerator and it keeps us from being couch potatoes.

Quite a pair

We own a law practice together, eat together and exercise together. Being on Plan as a couple is much easier than if either of us had attempted to lose weight on our own. The fact that we’re together all the time allows us to remind each other about things we need to do to be successful. Whenever we go to parties or events, we try to eat something before we go so we’re not ravenously hungry and wanting to eat everything in sight when we arrive. We remind each other of those type of things. Losing the weight together has definitely brought us closer together.

Advancing on the dance floor

We started only wanting to learn swing. But since then we’ve tried all sorts of other types of dance: foxtrot, tango, waltz, salsa, cha cha, rumba and samba. Weight Watchers members should definitely try dancing. It keeps you out of the kitchen and off the couch. We’ve made so many friends at the classes because it’s very social—and so much fun! Another perk is that so many of these dances you can do to any type of music, so we really dance everywhere we go—not just during lessons.

The best part

Most of the things we do today, we could do when we were heavier. But now that we’re also working out with a trainer, I find exercising is much easier than before I lost weight. As a result of losing the weight, our energy levels have absolutely increased. I think we have the stamina of people who are much younger than we are. Our trainer learned our ages recently and I think he was bowled over by what we’re able to do that some of his other students can’t. We want to be able to keep up with one another, so working out with the trainer keeps us a little competitive.

On top of that, we look better in our dance clothes than we did before. We’re lighter on our feet and we’re able to continue to work out and do the things we love. There’s no going back as far as I’m concerned.

To read more of Maureen’s story, pick up the September/October issue of Weight Watchers Magazine.

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