The Best Wedding Gift of All

Name Shelby
Age 30
Height 5'3"
Was 181.4 lbs
Lost   47.4 lbs*
Weight 134 lbs
As of 9/25/2003
*Results not typical.


Shelby lost weight with a prior Weight Watchers program

Shelby's fiancé put aside $10 every time she lost a pound for a post-goal shopping spree. How's a $450 kitty for motivation?*

Years ago, in college, I went to a Weight Watchers Meeting and was so ashamed of the number on the scale that I never returned. Things went downhill from there &151 a vicious cycle of eating, feeling ashamed, eating more and gaining.

When the Gym Is Not Enough
Then, a few years ago, I joined a gym, but kept eating like a maniac. Eat right, then start exercising &151 that's the usual progression, but I did it backwards. After almost a year, when I'd only lost 10 pounds, I finally put things together and realized that healthy eating habits coupled with exercise was the only way to lose. When I went back to Weight Watchers and lost 5.5 pounds the first week, I knew I was onto something.*

Shelby, Meet Your Kitchen
For me, as for most newbies, realistic portion sizes were the most shocking revelation. But Weight Watchers also encouraged me to get back into the kitchen. The recipes are easy and delicious, and they don't skimp on flavor &151 all they do is make smart substitutions. And the great thing is that you can apply those techniques to any recipe you want. I have all their cookbooks, but Weight Watchers Greatest Hits is my very favorite (try the California Rolls &151 they're as good as those in a restaurant).

Leader of the Pack
Then there's my job as a Leader. Being up there in front of people keeps me accountable because I have to set a good example. But even more, it brings me great emotional satisfaction &151 giving people hope when they have none, when they come in at their darkest hour &151 it's very rewarding.

Bribery Works
But my most memorable weight-loss technique? My fiancé came up with this after I'd dropped about 30 pounds: He suggested setting aside $10 for every pound I lost, to blow on a shopping spree when I reached goal. Well, I got there the very week of our wedding, so I spent my well-earned $450 on clothes for our Caribbean cruise honeymoon!* How's that for a wedding present to myself &151 a new body and wardrobe to boot!

And in case you're wondering, yes, I ate (and drank!) at our wedding, and on our honeymoon, too (and for those who haven't been on a cruise before, they feed you!) and I only gained two pounds. I consider that quite a victory.

A little more from Shelby:

  • Any nightly rituals? Weight Watchers Smart Ones Giant Fudge Bars &151 they satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me from running to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard, which I used to do quite frequently.

  • What's your trigger food? Pop Tarts &151 I simply won't go there anymore.

  • Okay, but what if you really want a Pop Tart? That's easy: I pull out my size 20 pants, and that squashes any craving.

  • Does POINTS® Allowance work? Somehow, yes! I use them all, and have lost even more weight.

  • Do you have a never-again story? Pre-weight loss, I once missed a Hootie and the Blowfish concert because I couldn't bear to be seen in public.


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