Bye-Bye Baby Weight

Stephanie After
Stephanie Before
 I compare my workout with brushing my teeth. It's something I must do, every day. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
Stephanie lost weight with a prior Weight Watchers program

After her third baby was born, Stephanie turned to Weight Watchers for help getting rid of the extra pounds. Now she's thrilled to be a happier, more energetic mom.

During my third and final pregnancy, I gained double the weight I had gained with my first and second. Weight Watchers meetings had helped me lose weight between my second and third pregnancies, so after I gave birth to my third child, I joined Weight Watchers meetings again. I told myself that this was it.

I knew that this time I'd just have to stick with it, so I did. I never felt deprived; I enjoyed a nice meal out almost every week. Of course, I learned my limitations and didn't overindulge. Instead, I just savored every bite. I also experimented with foods I wouldn't normally eat and learned to choose more vegetables and salads. It really wasn't that hard because I knew the Plan well, and I really wanted to do it this time.

Exercise Trick: 20 a Day
I didn't start exercising immediately; I knew I had to focus on those food changes first. But after about six months I began walking every day. For me, 20 minutes a day does the trick, and I don't get bored with it because doing something for 20 minutes is not a chore. I compare my workout with brushing my teeth. It's something I must do--every day. My teeth suffer if I don't brush them, and my body suffers if I don't work out.

I met my weight goal after 63 weeks*. Now that I'm a Lifetime Member, I still attend meetings and weigh in every week--sticking to a schedule helps keep me focused.

New, Improved Energy
The most significant change in my life is that I have so much more confidence. I am a better mother and wife, and a happier person. I have more energy, I jump around a lot, I dance with my kids. I smile all the time, and I have more fun!

Another obvious change is my wardrobe. Before, I wore black clothes or solid-colored plain shirts pretty much exclusively, and nothing was ever tucked in and belted. Now I wear colorful clothes with fun and funky designs.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 10th anniversary with a vacation to the Bahamas. I was almost as excited to shop for clothes for the trip as I was to take the actual vacation. What a treat it was to buy cute sundresses and a bathing suit that I could wear without a cover-up!

Take It from Stephanie:

  • Even if you find yourself in a slump, stick with it.

  • Don't skip a week of meetings because you know you did poorly. That's when you need to go.

  • Find different things to eat so you don't get bored.

  • Exercise when you're ready. I started exercising when I knew
    I had to jump-start my weight loss.

  • My favorite snack? A few Junior Mints.
    I keep them in the freezer.