So why should you do this versus thatthing you read in a fitness magazine?

Because this is a plan that you can actually live with. A plan that lets you live your life, have fun, and still lose weight. So this is a plan you can actually stay on, that’s the real value of Weight Watchers.

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Nail your first two weekswith Simple Start.

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Introducing our simplest plan ever. This is a 2-week plan to start losing weight right away. There’s an app with a list of delicious foods to eat (we call them Power Foods) and lots of easy-to-assemble meal ideas. There’s no measuring, and no math. You just eat. How simple is that?

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The food. This is what we mean by doable.

Want a burger? Have a burger. Eat what you want, just do it a lot smarter. And happy hours? Yep, they're still on.

Put a bigger brain in your smartphone.

Whether you attend meeting and make your weight loss a team sport or tackle it completely online, you can get all the tools you need to get the job done.

  • Mobile AppsStay on track without having to stay at home.
  • Snap & TrackIn a crowd? Take a picture of your meal and track it later.
  • Restaurant FinderDecode menus and make informed choices.
  • Workout Tips and TricksStart working out or help spice up old routines.
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Weight Watchers Meetings

Get guidance from a weight-loss mentor, the inspirational power of a group and lots of strategies, tips and advice.

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Weight Watchers Online

Follow the Plan entirely online with digital tools, mobile apps, Cheat Sheets, a restaurant finder and more.

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